Portland General Store

So between cramming for finals and lining out jobs, us sassafrasgals have been in hiatus lately. Fortunately, we’re back for the holidays and I’m ready to share some amazing stuff! Since it’s the holiday season and Christmas is only ten days away, I thought I’d share some beautifully designed products.

Recently the Portland General Store has got some awesome press for their high-end beauty products for very manly men. However, that doesn’t mean a girl can’t appreciate it. I mean who doesn’t want her man smelling good? Between their quirky scents like “professor”, “tobacco” and “moss” and their old-timey apothecary labels and natural materials, they have that unique flair that sets it apart from the regular colognes at Macy’s. Plus, all the scents are made of 100% natural ingredients without all the chemical additives in most perfumes today. Sounds like a perfect stocking stuffer for the boyfriend!

Limited Edition Shaving Kit


Tobacco Smelling Salts



Hunting Camp Deep Exfoliating Soap



Professor Cologne



Victory Moisturizer with SPF 15



Liberty Shaving Brush




Scrabble Mania!

Ever since my fellow sassafrasgal, Lauren, moved off to San Francisco to pursue her dreams of book publishing, I find myself without a scrabble partner! So in an act of nostalgia I found some of the coolest scrabble products and crafts out there. I hope my fellow scrabble lovers enjoy this as much as I do. And FYI, I’m a lover all things board games and since the holidays are approaching I’m always open to new games I should try over the holiday break with game-loving family. So, give us a shout if you know a good one!

1. vintage edition scrabble
2. scrabble pillow cases
3. scrabble by drew capener
4. backyard scrabble
5. diy scrabble art
6. scrabble coasters

Brooks Shane Salzwedel

Ran across the artist Brooks Shane Salzwedel the other day and I can’t get his hauntingly beautiful images out of my head. Many are very ominous and ghostly, but ironically there is something very calming and serene about them that I can’t quite put my finger on. His characteristic use of graphite and resin makes a very cool combination wouldn’t you say?

Pencil Pocket

With Halloween just around the corner and many of the festivities beginning this weekend we thought this would be a perfect time to show off some of Pencil Pocket’s (a.k.a. Kirstie Edmunds) illustrations. Kirstie is a children’s book illustrator from the U.K. and her illustrations are wonderfully charming. Here are a few she posted on her blog in celebration of All Hallows Eve.

Ten Paces and Draw

If you haven’t heard of Ten Paces and Draw pop on over to the blog. Ten Paces and Draw is “a blog dedicated to illustration and collaboration. Each week a theme is assigned and a group of illustrators sketch based on the theme. Sketches are then exchanged between artists and they finish one another’s work”. Below are just a couple of illustrations from the blog.

"George," said Fred, "I think we've outgrown a full-time education."

Flagpole Sitta


Love is a Mixtape

World’s Smallest Post Service

So, If you haven’t heard of this yet, you should have! Started as a small art project by Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs, she soon became postmaster of the whole deal. Lea calls it her “teeny tiny letter transcription service” which had humble beginnings at a local shop in San Francisco. Soon after the high demand for her services, Lea started an online business that helps her mass produce the tiny bits of wonder. I happen to know how adorable they are because I purchased one for my fellow sassafrasgal a year or so ago. It’s relatively inexpensive and I guarantee they won’t forget receiving it.  In addition, as part of a collaboration with Chronicle Books, Lea is now selling DIY kits for the World’s Smallest Post Office. I think this will be going on my Christmas wish list!

The Lost Type Co-op

Hey all! So today I’m going to share an awesome resource for all my designer friends and typography lovers out there, it’s the Lost Type Co-op. This collective of several designers and illustrators joined together to create a type foundry that is based on the philosophy of “Pay-What-You-Want.” To score a free download just type in 0 dollars at the checkout box. Thanks to these creative folks we have access to some brilliantly designed typefaces free for all to enjoy and appreciate. Thanks for spreading the love of type guys! Check out the entire collection at the Lost Type Co-op.

Chloe Fleury

Take a peek at some of the amazing paper art by Chloe Fleury. Chloe is a San Francisco transplant originally from France. Her illustrations have popped up in store fronts, videos, advertisements, and magazines. Hope you enjoy her work as much as we do!


If you haven’t seen the movie Drive stop reading this and go see it now! The film follows Ryan Gosling’s character who is a stunt driver by day and a get away driver by night. The movie is really about so much more than that but I can’t give away too much. Director Nicolas Winding Refn did an incredible job and made one of the coolest and touching films I’ve seen in some time. Ryan Gosling best described the film by saying “It’s kinda like a violent John Hughes movie. It’s like Pretty in Pink with a head smashing.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.  The vibe and music referenced the 80s in a stunning way, giving the film a feel unlike anything else out right now. The mistral font used in the advertising ties perfectly with the 80s vibe. The font would usually make most graphic designers cringe but after seeing the film it was the perfect choice. I could go on but I’ll let you take a look at the images below and make sure to listen the song from the Drive soundtrack.


Images from Google, Minimal Posters, gooddaypennylane, Jesse Lenz

Branding 10,000 Lakes

A friend recently told me of the exciting & daunting task which designer Nicole Meyer has decided to begin. She is rethinking and exploring logo design by branding 10,000 lakes of Minnesota, posting a new logo each day. I think the project is such a refreshing and unique way to stir creativity. Plus, I admire her overwhelming ambition since the task at hand will take over 27 years to complete! Below are some of my personal favorites, but visit the site to see more of her work and remember to keep checking back for more as her project continues on!

A journal of inspiration collected by two best friends

Mallory Smith & Lauren Smith